SDG is a product development, engineering, and manufacturing firm with a devotion to design and the expertise to bring it to fruition. We work with the finest industrial design firms, creative start-ups, and leading corporations to develop a broad range of innovative products from consumer electronics to baby strollers to highly-stylized commercial products​.

With a team built around a strong set of core values, SDG offers an unparalleled product design experience.  We pride ourselves on communication, friendliness, and honesty, and it has translated into an ideal design family, workplace, and business.  Our engineers and designers are not only exceptionally skilled but also readily available to consult our clients and walk them through each and every decision made during the product design process.  At SDG, we work with you to turn your vision into reality.



Concept design

There are many different ways to make any single product, and having a variety of concepts to choose from ensures that your design suits you and your future customers. During a brainstorm at SDG, our design and engineering team will generate and document new and innovative concepts for your product. Using their wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, our team can solve virtually any design and performance challenge. To unlock the possibilities for your product with a brainstorming session or professional sketches, contact us!


3D Modeling

Using computer modeling software, we can turn your idea into an interactive 3-dimensional digital part. This 3D model evolves as it continues developing, and it allows us to generate the data we need for prototyping and manufacturing your product. Our industrial designers and engineers work together on your CAD model to make your visual and functional elements work together seamlessly.



Utilizing our flexible, extensive, worldwide supply chain network, we match each unique component of your product to its ideal part manufacturer and build a supply chain specifically for your product. We keep your business priorities in mind and custom fit the manufacturing facilities, locations, and technologies that will produce your product the way you envision it. You are able to focus on other details while our highly experienced team of manufacturing and quality control experts does the work.